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Artist: Excrement Cultivation
Album: Nyotaimori of Feceses
Year: 2012
Quality: 320 kbps
Genre: Slamming Brutal Death Metal
Lyrical themes: Gore, Porn
Country: Japan
Web: MySpace | Facebook
Label: Self-released | Independent

1. Open Air Piss
2. Deformed Clitoris
3. Vomitman
4. Urine Shower Party
5. Goliath's Cock
6. Splendor of Bizzare Coprolagnia

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Slam from japan

Metalcyber Deathbox
Genre: Death Metal,Brutal Death Metal,Grindcore
Country: Germany


- As You Drown
- Abysmal Torment
- Derranged
- Prostitude Disfigurment
- Leng Tche
- Defeated Sanity
- Hail of Bullets
- Dying Fetus
- Dying Fetus Oldschool Set
- Kraanium
- Milking the Goat Machine
- Sinister
- Romperpromp
- Carnophage
- Grind Inc.
- Aeon
- Servere Torture
- Waco Jesus
- Lock Up
- Suffocation
Artist: Various Artists [32 Bands]
Year: 2010
Country: Muotathal, Switzerland
Style: Death Metal
Type: DVD
Video: Xvid (624 x 352)
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo
Format: AVI
Duration: 04:33:32
Size: 2.19 GB
Web: Official Site | MySpace | Facebook

1. Cerebral Bore
2. Sickening Horror
3. Devourment
4. Lividity
5. Soulless
6. Epicardiectomy
7. Nailed
8. Tools of Torture
9. Cenotaph
10. Embryonic Depravity
11. Amagortis
12. Terrordrome
13. Inveracity
14. Saprogenic
15. Inherit Disease
16. Necrophagist
17. Macabre
18. Birdflesh
19. Nihilo
20. Cerebral Effusion
21. Disparaged
22. Cephalic Impurity
23. Purgatory
24. Deadborn
25. Mumakil
26. Disavowed
27. Origin
28. Dying Fetus
29. The Black Dahlia Murder
30. Suffocation
31. Heretic Soul
32. Inhumate

Artist: Jasad
Album: Rebirth of Jatisunda
Year: 2012
Quality: 128 kbps
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Lyrical themes: Post-Death, Violence, Murder
Country: Bandung, Indonesia
Web: Facebook | MySpace
Label: -

1. Cengkram Garuda

Merupakan salah satu lagu yang diambil dari album terbaru mereka "Rebirth of Jatisunda".

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Artist: Sepultura
Album: Arise [Remastered 1997]
Year: 1991
Quality: 320 kbps + Scans
Genre: Death | Thrash Metal
Lyrical themes: Satan, Evil
Country: Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Web: Facebook | MySpace
Label: Roadrunner Records

Paulo Jr. - Bass
Igor Cavalera - Drums
Andreas Kisser - Guitars (lead)
Max Cavalera - Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)

1. Arise
2. Dead Embryonic Cells
3. Desperate Cry
4. Murder
5. Subtraction
6. Altered State
7. Under Siege (Regnum Irae)
8. Meaningless Movements
9. Infected Voice

Remastered 1997 version contains bonus tracks
10. Orgasmatron (Motörhead Cover)
11. Intro
12. C.I.U. (Criminals In Uniform)
13. Desperate Cry (Scott Burns Mix)

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Recorded at Morrisound Recording, Tampa, FL. Mixed at Quantum Sound Studios, Jersey City, NJ. Mastered Masterdisk, New York, NY.
A special limited edition with a different cover was issued domestically, in occasion of Rock In Rio 2, previous to the definitive release date. It consists of rough mixes of the songs released on the regular album (mixed by Scott Burns). Cover on right.
The album has also been issued as a limited edition Digipack.

Artist: Cephalic Impurity
Album: Promo [Demo]
Year: 2012
Quality: 128 kbps
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Lyrical themes: Gore, Pain, Torture
Country: Udmurtia, Russia
Web: Facebook | MySpace
Label: Soulflesh Collector Records

1. Those Who Observe
2. Unseen and Obscure

Recorded and mixed at SFC Studio.
CDr, packaged in a full-colour cardboard case. Limited to 15 copies.
Also available for free download from Soulflesh Collector's bandcamp.

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Artist: Hell Skuad
Album: Knife of Perfect Mutilation
Year: 2012
Quality: VBR + Covers
Genre: Slamming Brutal Death Metal
Lyrical themes: Death, Mutilation
Country: Jakarta, Indonesia
Web: Facebook | Reverbnation
Label: Coyote Records

Line up:
Faizal - Bass
Alfian - Drums
Deadly Velo - Guitars (2009 - present) Dead Apocalypse, ex-Antraks, ex-Dead Carnations
Ghozza - Guitars (2010 - present)
Uzie - Vocals (2010 - present)

Dengan karakter musik SLAM GROOVE dan juga sedikit memasukan unsur breakdown hardcore namun dengan karakter yang lebih kejam dan heavy!

1. Psycho Killer Extravaganza
2. Tikam Tajam Nurani Pendosa
3. Escape to Hell
4. Waiting for the Absolute Revenge
5. Horrible Summer Slaughter
6. Slave of Incest
7. Carnivored Corpse Revolution
8. Knife of Perfect Mutilation
9. Insane Cannibalism
10. Last Fucking Breath (Hatebreed cover)
11. Rush in Peace as the Greatest
12. Beheaded Beyond the Holy War
13. Demented Behaviour
14. Your Blood Is My Pride

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Artist: Skewered
Album: Skewered
Year: 2012
Quality: 320 kbps + Scans
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Lyrical themes: Blasphemy, Torture, Violence
Country: Dublin, Ireland
Web: Facebook | MySpace
Label: Inherited Suffering Records

01. Contaminated
02. Bad Aids
03. Wretched Cum Slut
04. Ordained Abstained
05. Inside The Crematory
06. Bound And Gutted
07. Born Into Pain
08. Blasphetus
09. Rectal Prolapse
10. Skewered
11. Pear Of Anguish
12. Razor Speculum
13. Others May Die

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Cover artwork by Tony Koehl